Welcome to Alpha Caring Community Development Corporation (ACCDC).

About Us

Alpha Caring Community Development Corporation was established in the North Jersey area in 2002 as a community non-profit organization. Our mission is to deliver resources that are necessary for children and our community to excel academically & socially. In order to strengthen the families in our communities we also introduce new social paradigms and strategies to challenge men and women; empowering them to become pro-active in the development of their family and community.

With over 50 years of experience in training/developing families and professionals in the field of family & social development, our staff and partners who are top notch professionals provide programs to assist community members interested in our : mentorship program, Boys-To-Men Enhancement program and Engaging Fathers & Significant Males in Service program. Our work would not be accomplished without an organization dedicated to strengthening the fabric of our family community. To assist us in our training we invite community leaders to educate and conduct family strengthening forums, substance abuse workshops and counseling for both children and adults.